The Garden Guardians

Introducing The Garden GuardiansLacewing juvenile feeding on aphidThe Garden Guardians - spider on roseLadybeetle on daffodil

Learn all about beneficial insects with the help of this award winning book. The Garden Guardians is packed full of stunning photographs by the talented Jane Davenport that help you identify the good bugs in your garden. There’s also information on organic gardening, how to attract beneficial insects and other organic pest control options.

The Garden Guardians is a fun and quirky book which is perfect for kids and adults alike.


  • Contains over 300 stunning photos spread across 152 pages
  • Over 60 pages are dedicated to beneficial insects and other creatures
  • Helps you to learn how to identify good bugs from bad ones
  • Includes advice on organic gardening and safe products to use
  • Winner of the HMA Laurel Literary Award 2011
Sample page from The Garden Guardians - Predatory beetles

Sample page from The Garden Guardians – Predatory beetles




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