A Delicious Bunch

A Delicious Bunch
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If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about edible flowers then this is the book to have.  Written by organic gardener Linda Brennan it covers a wide range of flowers which can be safely included in your meals.

Linda has selected such a diverse group of flowers that no matter where you live in Australia there are plenty you can grow. Plus she’s kindly included growing tips and recipes for each plant.

A Delicious Bunch is the perfect gift for gardeners and cooks alike!

Book Details

  • covers 30 different edible flowers
  • includes recipes and growing instructions for each featured plant
  • filled with beautiful coloured photos of the flowers and completed dishes
  • also contains tips on harvesting and preserving edible flowers
  • written by an Australian organic gardener for Australian conditions
  • softcover measuring 19cm x 23.5cm
  • 160 pages





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