Walter spalangia
Walter spalangia waspWalter spalangia wasp sitting on fly pupaWalter's Wurly (release container)

Walter is a tiny spalangia wasp that is useful for controlling house flies and stable flies. Walter lays eggs inside fly pupae which then hatch and feed on the developing fly.  Instead of a fly emerging another Walter emerges to continue on with the cycle.

Walter is delivered as approximately 2,500 pupae. Not for WA.

Walter is sent via Express Post and is usually received in approximately 7 days.  Dispatch is planned to minimise transit time with Australia Post.

Please note that even though Walter is a wasp he is completely harmless to humans and pets because he’s so tiny (only 2-3mm).

For more information download the information sheet below:

Walter Tech Sheet


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Supplied as 2,500 pupae containing the Spalangia endius wasp.